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3:07 p.m. - 2007-01-19
I'm home!

Chris Mo-fuckin Daughtry

Oh come on, you know who he is. American Idol. Last season. Bald rocker dude?? Don't be frontin like you don't watch some AI and then walk around singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow or some obscure shit by Blondie all week long until the next episode comes on and then it's Whitney and Mariah in the shower every morning until you just want to SCREAM with the pain of it all. (fabulous run on sentence, huh?)

Anywhoo.... my wonderful, sexy, glamorous nurse girl bought tickets to see Chris at the VIPER ROOM in La. (i'm so cool now. you wanna touch me?) And after the show I ran down Sunset like a hillbilly ass tourist screaming Chris! Chris! and he actually stopped the car and talked for a sec. Long enough to say Happy Birfday to me and let me make a total fucking negative impression for all people with southern accents. Damn. It was Great!

I also fed seagulls Arby's curly fries and laughed until I almost peed my pants.

Then I went shopping at the Harbor and ate fish and chips that Sucked! (wtf? Harbor! Hello!) and shopped and went to SeaWorld and ate dolphin.

Just kidding, I was trying to see if you were really reading this.

I got to feed the dolphins and sat in the soak zone at the Shamu the whale show.

All touristy stuff aside, the most fabulous part was just hanging with my friends. I honestly haven't laughed so much and so hard in a very, very loong time. If you're reading this, thanks you guys. You are both awesome!

The kid and spouse met me at the airport. I got roses and cheesecake and hugs and a homemade "Welcome Home Momma" sign.

All I can say to sum this one up is: I finally must be catching up on some good karma or something, because I'd have to be a fucking saint to deserve all this.

Happy 33rd (yes, my real age) to me.

And to all a goodnight.



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