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3:13 p.m. - 2007-01-09
Birfday brag. Still no freaking photos.
So I still haven't had the time to upload the images to my diary. I'm trying to get ready for my big, fat daddy trip to San Diego to hook up with my girl. I'm going to California with an achin' in my heart....

Thursday morning. I can't wait.

On the shiny bright happy side, guess what my fabulous spouse and the kid bought me for my 33rd birfday??? A Zune! I'm so freaking technologically advanced that I kill me. Just in case you're just like me, and had no fucking clue what a Zune is, it's basically Microsoft's version of the I-pod, only it's 30G and I can store my photos on it, play movies or videos(the screen's bigger than the I-pod) and either buy songs or download my cd's to it. The BEST part is that mine is chocolate brown with a cute little lime green trim. Totally, like, matches my new mary jane shoes.

Damn, I must be one sexy bitch to deserve such a fine, fine gift. In addition to air fare and spending cash for 4 days in Cali.

Yep, I put out for this one. Twice.

Bon Janvier mes beeches.



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