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1:35 p.m. - 2006-08-22
Question of the day
Question of the week: what's in the glove compartment of your car?

Me? Sunglasses cemetary, a few burned cd's, and a vibrating penis lighter that my spouse brought me back from Vegas a year or so ago, and a pack of tissues.

Vegas was fun. I officially had a 10 year anniversary dinner that cost more than my share of the wedding. Drinks not included.

I went to the largest Sephora store in the freaking world! (well, it's really big) I bought banana nut body wash and some lip plumping gloss. I put the Stila eyeshadow and brush set back because I was practicing frugality and self-control and all that boring shit.

So the spouse went back to the store after I flew home and bought them for me anyway. ISN'T HE TOTALLY FUCKING FABULOUS???

The greatest thing is: I don't feel like I've been married 10 years.

But only because I'm a lucky bitch like 'dat.

Happy Tuesday!



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