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8:22 a.m. - 2006-08-24
Does this really justify a title?
Damn I'm having a fat day. Every woman out there knows EXACTLY what I mean when I say this. It's one of those days when nothing in your closet makes you feel good about yourself. Stomach looks poochier than usual. (is that a word? poochie? Poochier? Poochiest?) Even my wedding rings are tight, but I attribute that to the THREE pieces of cheese pizza I ate for dinner last night. Moooo!

So I put on my comfy, stretchy gouchos and a black shirt. Black is slimming, right?

I'm thinking about purchasing some diet pills. Ya know, something that works. Like Crack.

In other news fronts: the rug rat's first day of school (and 2nd, and 3rd) have been awesome. Her new teacher seems nice-knocks on wood profusely- and the spouse went to school with her husband so that's always groovy. My kid is officially ensconced in her Third Grade Year. My baby is tall, and looks a lot older due to her height. I'm thinking of telling everyone that we adopted. Like, when we were 12 or something. :-)

FYI I have a mental list of photos I want to put up: Mexico shots, some cute lake pix, and now first day of school. Now where did I put my post-it notes so I can remind myself....

Seriously, when I need to remember something trivial that I don't really want to remember, I call myself and leave me a voice mail reminder. Is that fucking lame or what? But it works! Better than post-its.

As you can see, this entry is all over the place. So.... I'm going to fill up my coffee jug and get crack-a-lackin.



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