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1:57 p.m. - 2006-08-16
Dun dunt. dun dun dun dun
Airport security sucks. Seriously. Little Rock airport would not allow me to drink a bottle of water AT MY FUCKING GATE THAT I HAD TO ARRIVE AT 3 HOURS PRIOR TO BOARDING! It was a 'secure' area. No water, but the dumbasses missed the bottle of perfume in the bottom of my purse.

Then, Las Vegas fuckers made me arrive FOUR hours early, only to sell me a stale seven dollar banana nut muffin. Those idiots missed the lip gloss I had just purchased at the largest Sephora store I HAVE EVER SEEN!

Yes, the highlight of my Las Vegas experience was the Sephora store and the shark exhibit at Mandalay Bay.

I don't know if I've ever told you this, but sharks are my absolute favorite creature on earth. Close second are Giraffes because any animal with a tongue like Gene Simmons gets an A+ in my book.

So... sharks. I'm standing on a clear platform above the water, looking up to another clear window above my head, and all around me were large windows. I was literally surrounded by shark filled water. It was FUCKING FABULOUS. I spent 15 minutes elbowing kids out of the way so I could press my face against the glass and just gleefully mumble Dun dunt. DDuuunn duunt dun dun dun dun dun dun..... I was () this close to a shark's face. Beedy black eye to blood shot drunken eye. dun dunt.

I had to be pulled away. Literally.


duh dunt

More later.

Stay out of the water.

oh yeah, the anniversary dinner was pretty good. Costs more than my wedding, but who can really put at price on creme brulee and fresh sugared raspberries??



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