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9:28 a.m. - 2006-07-21
The Price is WRONG, bitch!
I should've realized by now that home improvementy stuff always costs me more than I anticipated. I have trouble (so does Groovn-husband!) reaching a conclusion, an ending, of ever reaching a finish line. It all started out with painting the trim and porch and garage door. Then it progressed to replacing the siding on the sunroom, THEN painting. Now most of the wood needs to be primed first,

Note to self: Just because groovn-spouse read on the freaking internet that exterior grade paint does not require a primer doesn't make it TRUE!

after priming comes painting. Then we need new guttering, with the leaf guard of course because our yard has eleventy bajillion trees in it. After the guttering, the front glass door needs replaced and the sunroom door and side doors need to be repainted as well. Then, since the outside will look all pretty, we might as well get the driveway and walk resurfaced since they're looking pretty shady.


Has anyone ever read the children's book "When You Give a Mouse a Cookie" or "When You Give a Pig a Pancake". If you have, then you'll understand the depths of trouble that I'm in.


Needless to say, I might have to rape our savings account to pay for some of this shit. Because in the immortal words of Adam Sandler, "The price is WRONG, bitch!"

Weekend plans: painting, sanding, and scraping. Then washing paint brushes and rollers.

On the bright side, my arms are gonna be like, totally buff dude.

Happy Friday!



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