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1:23 p.m. - 2006-07-19
Steretypes R Fun!
Let's laugh at other people today. Ya know, in that totally vicious, pmsing kind of way?? Here, I'll start!

Why is it, that every time I pick up a newspaper, or log on to a news website, I ALWAYS find some black man claiming to be a minister, pontificating about the unjustices continually perpetrated against the black man? Where is this man's congregation? What *specifically* are the injustices? I mean, I'm half Irish, half German. I should be drinking myself into a coma due to the crimes 'my people' committed against the Jews, but on the other hand my other ancestors almost singlehandedly built the railroads in the US with little or nothing to show for it. Do I make reparations to myself?

Fuck it, fraulein, just have another pint!

I need to lay off the CNN. It makes me IN-fucking-SANE!

Or msnbc, or the local news, or yahoonews.

I recently streaked my hair blonde for the summer. I'm thinking I'm going to start pretending to be stupid and shallow and just take that stereotype and run with it. I might just have more fun. OOh, maybe I need breast implants as well! That will complete the picture.

EEK! The peroxide! It's leeching the intelligent thoughts from my head!

In other news fronts, the house painting thing? SUCKS! The spouse was all fucking gung-ho until it hit 102 degrees outside, and now he won't get to work. It wouldn't be so bad, but he started on the garage door and left half of it primed. It looks like graffiti. I have the most ghetto house in the subdivision.

Men are lazy asses. That drink beer and show too much crack while mowing the grass. (this one might be for southern men only) They deserve to die.

Why is it that news reporters always announce something as 'breaking news' when it was headlined on cnn a week ago?

Scratching my head on this one as well. The paparazzi are all on fucking cocaine anyway. Except the ones stalking Britney Spears. Those guys are RIGHT ON!

I TOLD you I needed to stay away from the news. It makes me irritable.

Also, what's up with a girl graduating from a small, hick, high school getting ridiculed for reading Money Magazine? Just because you're a hillbilly doesn't mean you're not interested in getting the most out of your 401K, or finding the most competitive cd rates in your area? Or finding out if your investment style more market based (ooh scary!) or annuity based (ooh! you're eating vienna sausage and saltines after retirement!)

Stereotype: hillbillys are stupid creatures who only care about beer and lawns with no stickers. (bare feet and all that...)

I can't think of any more right now. The blonde in my hair is successfully acting as a 'deflector shield' against satire and insulting remarks. I just want to hug you all and give you bunny! *giggle*

Happy My Humps Day.



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