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1:37 p.m. - 2006-07-26
Boring, Trivial Shit of No Importance.
My writing skills have been pretty dry lately. Stress at work, and trying to repaint the house have left me drained by the end of the day. I've been reading a lot, and basically ignoring the family. Good books though! :-)

Last night, I did spend an hour playing Monopoly with the kid. I tried everything I could think of to lose, but ended up winning anyway. I bought every property I landed on, spent all my cash on hotels, so that I was constantly broke. If I had landed on ONE of the kid's properties, the game would've been over. Instead, I got GOLD every time I rolled the dice. I landed on Free Parking twice. (we play where you put an initial payment $500 'feeder' money in the middle, then when you pay a fine, add to the pile. Free Parking peeps get the cash) I ended up slipping some of my money back into the bank, mortgage properties for $5, rather than $100 and I STILL WON! All I wanted was the game to be over. I didn't need to stomp my baby to the ground. But I did. And victory, however obtained, is still sweet.

Kidding. I was just tired of sitting on the floor, and my back hurt, and I wanted to go read. BAH!

My crabby ass has nothing else good to say.

Peace Out, Bitches.



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