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2:34 p.m. - 2006-05-31
And The Field Day Tater Sack Race Winner Is......
My four day weekend? Fucking fabulous! The only way it could've been better is

#1. It lasted longer
#2 I hadn't puked quite so virulently off the back of the boat.

But otherwise... things were groovy.

Last Friday was Field Day for the munchkin so I took the day off to watch potato sack races, tug-of-war games, hula hoop throws, etc... My baby won first place the in sack race.
Ironically, in my 3rd grade year, I too took the first place (back then we got blue ribbons) prize for tater sack racin.

Of course, Chloe's genetically superior body could come into play here. How many 8 year old second graders do you know who are four feet six inches tall? I breed winners people! Yeah! (that last was said in jest, as I was channelling a Chet-like voiced creature who you have all met before. You know he's (or she's) THAT parent on the soccer field/ball park/ playground. Take your pick. Hyper-aggressive and annoying as fuck.

Damn, I really got off subject, huh?

So to wrap it up: Yeah FIELD DAY ROCKS! Hooyah!

Happy hump day.
Go hump yourself

Oh yeah: more on the boat/puking story later.

Also, using the awe filled tone of an announcer at the Special Olympics, I could've done a better job of describing field day. Sue me. I'm lazy and I'm going outside to have a smoke.



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