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3:10 p.m. - 2006-05-25
Numbers game
Today I have had a small bowl of whole grain cereal with 1% milk.

A granola bar for mid-morning snack.

Beef tips with mushrooms and steamed veggies for lunch.

And a small apple for afternoon snack.

I have ingested 5 twenty ounce bottles of water.

And tonight I will, once again, Taebo my ass off regardless of my injured shoulder.

Yet in the morning, after many other days like this, I will not lose a single fucking pound.

I should be discouraged. And I am-a little.

I should feel like quitting. But I don't, not at all! Instead I feel stronger, more focused. I feel like a healthy person for the first time in my life. My body has muscle tone and definition, never mind the fact that it still requires size 12 pants (10's at Old Navy khaki dept, but that totally doesn't count) I only have one chin. I can go jogging while my daughter rides her bike and I don't feel like keeling over on the pavement in agony. I take vitamins every single day. I get 8 hours of sleep.

Damn, if I was a christian, I'd be put up for mother fucking saint hood.


What does it take, though, to stop looking at the numbers? Numbers on the scale, the tape measure. I KNOW I'm in great shape. Still a little gushy around my soft underbelly, but getting there, ya know?

Let me know if anyone else has figured this out.

Have a wonderful long weekend. I will.



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