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3:09 p.m. - 2006-05-24
does this entry justify a title? It's like a Seinfeld episode.
22 days until I board the plane for Mexico.

I hope this vacation is as wonderful as I anticipate. I'm not a good traveller. I miss my bed, my child, my home, my cats when I am away overnight. To me, roughing it is sleeping on a mattress that is not a California king with a cushy pillow top. So... I'm going to a very, very nice place in Mexico. But it still might not be up to standards. Yes, this sounds atrociously snotty, fuck you very much. I need my sleep. On 300 thread count, eyelet lace trimmed Egyptian cotton sheets.

I thought about packing my sheets. I always travel with my own pillow, so would sheets be over the top? Worse still, would they charge me extra to launder them?


Not really, but I still don't want you to think me a snot.

I have officially tanned in a tanning bed more than I have in my entire life in preparation of getting out in the sun, closer to the equator. I should be dark, but instead I'm just a little peach-colored. This is Coppertone level for me. Honestly.

I worry about sun spots and wrinkles and early aging side effects of sun damage. Frankly, I just worry about everything. Worrying about sun damage seems a little stupid when I suck on about 8 cigarettes per day. (I was down to 6, trying to quit but the bitch in me needs her oral fixation)

Friday is the kid's field day. I am looking forward to chicken runs, and pass the wet sponge marathons. I took the day off to go hang with Chloe and have fun.

Whoo hoo! This means a 4 day weekend for me.




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