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3:53 p.m. - 2006-06-02
Books, Boredom, and well... More boredom.
Once again, it's Friday and all that I have to look forward to is... well... nothing.

Groovn-spouse is doing another round of diving this weekend so I will be left alone to mother the child and clean the kitty fur tumbleweeds out of the carpet. Sounds pretty fucking fun, huh?

I don't know why I have no hobbies other than reading or redecorating shit. Both of which are in pretty short supply lately. All of my home improvement funds have been funnelled into dive equipment and a vacation to Cozymel. All I have to say about that is it had better be one DAMNED FINE vacation for what it's ending up costing us. I know, I know. I'm cheap. That's right. I'm cheap AS FUCK people. You don't realize this about me by now?

I am in between authors right now. I can't find anyone new to read. I pretty much enjoy every genre of book as long as there is some sex thrown in to pique the interest. I'll read sexy hard core porn, soft core, erotica, romance novels, mysteries, science fiction, thrillers, chillers, scary shit, mind-bogglingly mental thrillers... You name it. I will read it. BUT since I read for purely escapism qualities, don't be referring me to anything too cerebral in nature. I read to turn OFF my brain, not to use it. I'm intelligent enough without dulling the senses by spending 4 hours on a tome concerning the relative nature of quantam physics.

My brain is a sponge that refuses to absorb the boring crap.

Sooo... that thrown out there. Anyone reading anything interesting? With sex in it.

Happy Friday.
Go drink an icy cold Cosmopolitan.
With a little extra twist of lime.



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