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9:09 a.m. - 2006-04-26
A secretary isn't permanent until you nail her to the desk.
Warning: the PMS monster has arrived. The following may feature obscene, rude, and otherwise generally offensive material. (basically no different from any other day, but today I'm feeling the need to caution you)

Today is Administrative Professionals Day. Have you hugged your secretary today? Sent her flowers? Taken her to breakfast? Yeah, I thought not. Selfish fuckers. We're supposed to go to lunch later today. Everyone together, bosses and employees alike. Aren't we so very fucking PC? Technically I'm an agent, not an AP, but I'll totally let you call me your little secretary bitch for some free skillet queso from Chili's and a slab of chocolate molten lava cake. Whoo PMS! I warned you.

The Korean food market next door to my office is remodelling. The past two days I've been trying to talk with customers over the constant pounding of hammers and sawing. Not exactly fun, but any type of construction/redecorating gets me hyped. Hooray for change! *BUT* Have you ever seen little Asian men toting table saws and wearing tool belts? How totally incongruous. I love it !

Well, since I'm obviously not going to dazzle anyone this morning with my witty, yet amazingly astute banter, I guess I'll get to work. (aka I'm going to get more coffee)

Happy Secretary's Day.
Go buy your peeps some flowers. And chocolate cake.



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