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10:56 a.m. - 2006-04-25
Blah Blah Blah
Things are pretty quiet at the office today. We have one person out for personal reasons. Another just surfing the net and one who is in their office pouting because I snapped at her for a *major* screw up. Training new people is not my forte. I don't have the patience to deal with inefficiency and stupid mistakes. I get angry when I have to take an ass-chewing from a customer for someone else's inability to perform simple job-related tasks. Yes, I can be somewhat abrasive when angered. I'm okay with this personality glitch. It's other people who tend to dislike my comments. Tough shit.

(did I mention I have pms?)

Last night was the last soccer practice of the season. This Friday is the last game. Chloe is bummed so I'm signing her up for another round of swimming lessons. It'll keep her occupied until soccer camp starts. Boredom is a major issue in raising an only child. Mom and Dad just don't play as often as she'd like and there are no other little girls her age in our neighborhood. Honestly though, there's only so much Barbie/Bratz/dress up I can take. I had forgotten what a pain in the ass it is to try and slide a pair of skin tight pants onto a rubber doll. If I ever figured out who at Mattel is responsible for product design, I'd have to make a phone call to my cousin in Jersey for a little heart to heart.

sidenote: I don't actually have a cousin in Jersey, but if I did, considering my family background I'm sure they'd be mob-related and perfectly capable of kicking major butt.

Speaking of dysfuntional family backgrounds (nice seque there, huh?) my sister called to see if she could take the kid to a family reunion. Now I'm not against my daughter getting to know some members of my family, but we're still not letting her go. One it's in another state, for a week's worth of camping. Two, it's my biological mother who I don't want my child to be around. This woman is a total nut job. Have you ever met someone who just did not have maternal instincts whatsoever? That in itself is not a bad thing, but there are other personality disorders involved that makes this woman into one crazy bitch. So... groovn-husband and I have decided to limit contact with her. She tells our eight year old things in private that undermines our authority as parents. Then she does stupid shit like having in depth theological discussions with our child that I don't approve of. (she's a religious zealot, we're atheists) There are some respect issues on her part as to what we believe and she talks to Chloe about it when we're not around. Sooo not cool.

Well, I'm ending the bitch session now. I apologize for the drivel. I find that pms will excuse most anything except for bad writing.

Happy Tuesday.
Go eat a vat of chocolate.



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