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9:06 a.m. - 2005-11-15
Attention Walmart shoppers
Still raining, still not Friday. Still at work.

Therefore, I don't have much interesting going on today.

(Duh! I just said I was at work.)

I did manage to do a little online Christmas shopping this morning. Go Go Gadget Visa!! Retail therapy is all well and good when I'm purchasing for myself, but Christmas shopping in the throngs of rude fuckers looking for that everyday low price just make my right eye twitch. Running over your foot with their cart, blocking all the aisles so you can't turn around and you can't get out either. Therefore, Visa and I will be doing lots and lots of surfing for gifts this season. Yay UPS!

Dude, I can't wait to see the new anti-Walmart flick. Has anyone seen it yet? You can honestly ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you point blank that I am one of the few people who absolutely, positively HATE to go 'Walmartin'. I know it's a necessary evil if you want to save those three bucks on your cat food, but fuck I hate going there! All of these idiots beating their kids, bitching about prices, looking to stock up on their generic 150 lb bag of oatmeal. aaahhh!! Is it only in southern Walmarts that people act like dumb fucks? Also, who in the hell had the bright idea that working at Walmart was a cushy job? Employees are coming out of the woodwork bitching about no benefits and racial profiling when promoting. WTF? Come on idiots, you have a job at WALMART for chrisfuckingsakes! You work for a company that doesn't even require a high school diploma, but you're bitching about not getting matching funds for your 401K? Well DUH dumabass!

I do however enjoy leisurely mall shopping with some Christmas tunes in the background and all of the pretty lights sparkling. The fake snow (it IS Arkansas, of course our snow is fake!) and scented candles. The atmosphere is wonderful, it's the people that really suck ass.

Mmm, Christmas makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. So does vodka, and it's much cheaper.

Happy Pre-Holiday Shopping!



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