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3:15 p.m. - 2005-11-14
sex on a monday
Debating my Mood today


1. It's Monday.
2. It's raining and we're under a tornado watch.
3. I'm at work.
4. I'm cold.
5. Being At Work really deserves 2 spots.
6. I need a cigarette and our smoking area is uncovered and exposed to the elements.
7. I'm bored.

1. I have on a new shirt.
2. My hair didn't totally spaz on me this morning.
3. I have only 1.37 hours until I'm off work.
4. Raining means I don't have to rake the yard this evening.
5. I'm totally going to order pizza for dinner and not work out again.
6. I had really really really good sex this morning before The Kid woke up.
7. Number six was the clincher. I'll stop here.

I'm officially having a good day!
(knocks wood profusely)

This entry isn't about anything other than a set up for me to brag about the hot sex I had this morning. Did I mention it was really Really REALLY good?

Jealous yet? :-)

Happy Monday!
Go Get Laid!!!



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