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8:42 a.m. - 2005-11-18
It's Friday.
You ain't got no job.
You ain't got shit to do.
I'm gonna get you high.

I love that movie. Seriously funny stuff man. Movie not withstanding, it IS Friday. But all the rest of it isn't true. Damn.

Today is Thanksgiving cafeteria lunch with Chloe. Yummy! Cafeteria dressing and cardboard turkey. The things I do for motherhood, honestly, astound even me sometimes.

The weather here has turned freakishly cold for the south. It's caused a huge leap in requests for hot, actually cooked meals from Chloe and Groovn-husband. Fuck. Why can't you just eat a salad? I don't care that it's 28 degrees outside and you're hungry. Drink a glass of hot water. (kidding, dude, totally kidding) So I'm making out a grocery list to go shopping for stuff to cook. No more quickie dinners of grilled salmon and salads. What is it about winter that makes my family crave beef? I'm gonna make the meatloaf with extra ketchup, because my peeps: not so much on the gourmet cooking. I could spend three hours making something phenomenal for dinner and get a passive, "hmm, good" from Chloe or just a grunt from the spousal unit. But in under 15 minutes I stir up some nasty ass hamburger helper and they ask for seconds. I live with neanderthals.

happy friday
now go cook something using dehydrated cheese.



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