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10:15 a.m. - 2005-11-04
Today is Friday and thanks to the gods that be (or not be, depending upon perspective) I will not have to come to work tomorrow. Groovn-husband left for Gatlinburg,TN yesterday afternoon so Chloe and I are flying solo this weekend. I have really good intentions about spending quality time with the munchkin. Maybe taking in a PG rated movie together, grocery shopping for two in the junk food aisle, playing three hours of Candyland and Hi Ho Cherry-O while eating popcorn in the living room floor. Doing Mother/Daughter stuff, ya know?Realistically, about 2:00 pm Saturday I will realize that my other half is gone and I'm lonely. I will go grab a book and console myself with cheap romance novels while Chloe runs around naked, bored, and hungry. I'm hoping for the first, expecting the last one. I suck at being a mom sometimes.

In bright, cheery mundane news: I finally made an appointment with an upholstery shop to get my convertible top replaced. Yay for my hoopty! No more ghetto-esque roof with it's little seam hanging down over the back glass. I figured since the spousal unit is out of town, I can drive his truck for the week while my car is getting a make over. Actually I drove it today. AND I smoked in it too. (insert guilty feelings here) Groovn-husband doesn't smoke, so I'm gonna have to Febreeze the shit out of the interior before he gets home. Maybe change the air filter too.

Works beckons so I must get off this damned computer and go assist. Maybe if I put a serious expression on my face and type like mad, they'll think I'm busy and go away. :-)

Happy Friday!



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