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7:58 p.m. - 2005-11-02
Friday night was the big Halloween party for the 'grown-ups'. My first costume party in years and it was eagerly anticipated. Groovn-husband and I dressed as Satan and Satan's minion. I kept telling him that he IS TOTALLY the MINION! But he ended that argument by just telling everyone he's going as George W. Whoo hoo! Even his conservative ass has jumped on the Bush hating bandwagon. (I would be referring to the Bush administration, not the other kind) This year was also Chloe's first scary costume. Vampire/Goth chick. Isn't she a beautiful living dead girl? Then the last is me and my girls, hammered out of our skulls at the Halloween party. I'm the devil with the large tonsils. p.s. Long Island Iced Tea sucks ass. Major, dirty, hairy ass.



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