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1:14 p.m. - 2005-11-07
Come home William
Oooh oooh! Guess what?
I wasn't such a shitty inattentive mother this weekend after all. There was no Candyland action, but we did play a couple of games of Jenga, (the little heathen beat me both times but it doesn't count because I was totally drinking beer and she wasn't!) Chloe and I also watched a movie together with popcorn! Went to Chili's for ribs together. She played on the swingset while I raked leaves. So I did NOT ignore her to read all weekend.

Sadly, on Friday night, Goldie the Golfish went to the big round porcelain bowl in the sky. Tears were shed, and the inevitable, "Why? Why? On God WHY did this have to happen to such a NICE fish?" You should have heard Chloe's reaction too. :-)

So Saturday evening post-Chili's was spent at the local Wal-mart shopping for a new fish. I finally convinced Chloe to go for a Betta fish because the last one lived so long that I got tired of cleaning the bowl and gave it away. (I had to tell Chloe it just disappeared! She as 3 then so she believed my lies.) We found a Betta, blue body, red and purple fins, that is actually a gorgeous fish. Chloe named it Sparkle so all is well.

Until the cats get ready for a nice leisurely sushi dinner. Then we're fucked.

Warning: I'm getting a little mushy with this last one. Don't be hatin'!

Every morning since he's been gone, I wake up to a little burn of anticipation in the pit of my stomach because I know every night I spend alone brings me one more night closer to Bill coming home. It's 1:31 in the afternoon and yet this morning's initial excitement hasn't waned. I know today is Monday, and he's coming home Friday. Only 4 more days and I can't wait. I know he'll come home tired, with a shit-load of dirty clothes (which I will promptly send to the cleaners because I don't iron!) His face will be scratchy because he hasn't shaved in a day or so. He'll be sportin his spectacles because travelling makes his contacts dry out. But nowhere else on the face of this earth will you find a more perfect man. He'll have plenty of hugs and kisses to share, no matter how tired. Before he showers and crashes out he'll take time to dig through luggage to find gifts for me and for Chloe. And he'll find time to listen to complaints or good news or just how many times the cat hurled on the carpet while he was gone. But it will be wonderful because we're all together. I miss you William. Please hurry home.



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