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12:59 p.m. - 2007-10-08
My Soccer Girl
I got through the weekend with a minimal amount of nicotine. And (knocks on wood like an insane woman, it wasn't too hard)

Saturday we were at the soccer fields from 8am to 5:15 pm. It was pretty crazy and so much freaking fun I couldn't stand it. I swear to yall, I never thought I'd ever have so much fun watching sports. BUT to see my child out on that field, so focused, so determined to do her best, well... let's just say that if I hadn't already sweated every drop of moisture from my body, I could've cried. That's how proud I was. Not being athletically inclined myself, the teamwork and good sportsmanship that our kids showed in the face of such intense competition was surpising. Specially considered their young ages.

Groovn-kid plays on a co-ed recreational team. Our kiddos range from 7 to 9 in age, and we have kids that have never seen a soccer game to kids who learned while still at the breast. But, because we're also undefeated in our division, all three of the tournament games were against competitive league, also undefeated, all boys teams. All age nine as well. No little ones, and no inexperienced players. Our rec team still came in third, and we beat one team in a total shut out. (meaning they didn't score on us at all)

Damn, these kids are awesome!!

We grilled lunch at the park and all the parents and kids talked and played games. We had a good time spraying everyone's hair silver (our colors are silver and black) and then making fun of the boys with silver glitter on their uniforms. I spent a small fortune on cases of water and gatorade and sun screen and hotel rooms and dinner out but it was worth every penny.

The only disheartening part of the weekend was on the way home, after we lost our second game. Chloe had played the entire game, and I've never seen her look tougher going up against boys larger than she, but refusing to back down. They NEVER scored on her, that entire game. That loss put us out of the rest of the tournament, and Chloe started crying as soon as we got in the vehicle. She cried and cried and just couldn't understand that she did her very, very best, and did not win. What do you say to that?

So I held her and comforted my baby as best as I could. I told her that she was so obviously a winner to me and everyone else on her team. Her best was fantabulous and she shouldn't worry about a little thing like points. Then I took her out to lunch and bought her Heely's. Yep, I introduced my baby girl to the wonderous healing ability of Retail Therapy.

She's fine now. Sportin her new kicks.

I also bought her a new soccer shirt that says something along the lines of "Watch Out. Not your average Soccer Girl Don't Mess with Me I'll take you down, Loser" That's not verbatim, but the thought is the same.

She's good and already planning her defense for the next game.

I must not be too sucky at this mom thang.

No smokes so far today! And it's 1:17. Say a prayer, a chant, rub Buddha's belly, burn some incense.... just do something to send more positive thoguhts my way. I haven't even had to hide any bodies yet. :-)

Happy Monday.

An oxymoron, I know, but still...



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