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1:41 p.m. - 2007-08-28
Trite, superficial shit
Things have been a little hectic lately with the start of both school and soccer season within a week or so of each other. A last minute trip to Walgreens on my lunch hour provided the very LAST bit of school supplies the rugrat needs. And if I get ONE MORE FREAKING NOTE home saying "Just one more thing" .... I won't be responsible for my actions. The spouse took care of locating a new soccer ball (some bitch ass little punk stole the Nike one that was JUST bought the end of last season) and he also picked up a practice net that's currently parked in the front yard. So we're all ready for business and party.

Also, I look like Sporty Spice or some shit in my brand new-looking eight year old Nike's that have only been worn a few times paired with my office bling. I don't normally wear tennis shoes. I prefer to work out barefooted. I have much, much better balance that way. To hell with my knees and hips. They'll be okay. Anywhoo... You can usually look at my shoes to tell where I'm going or where I've been. For example-black leather Hilfigure flops means grocery shopping is on the agenda. Old Navy brown, black, or white flops means it's lake time! Heels either mean the mall or work. Heavy steel toed work boots indicate the spouse wants to go to the movies. (kidding on that last one, I refuse to go to the movies with their gross ass sticky seats and gummy floors! Eeeuw!) But, since I'm doing the soccer mom thang I'm trying to fit in more this season. The past three seasons I just came straight to the field dressed in my insurance girl disguise. That way the sweaty kids stay off me and I don't have to be parent goalie. This year however, I'm making a concerted effort to at least DRESS like I'm athletic. I think that's a good compromise. Last Tuesday I even wore a HAT!! I did however relent and peel off the tennis shoes and socks after about 10 minutes. Sorry, it's the hillbilly coming out in me. Lace up shoes are so binding!

I didn't mean to make this entire entry a diatribe on exactly how fucking superficial I can be about footwear when I really work at it. I just got a little carried away.

Next week's topic: my purses and how they inadvertently affect the local economy and a treatise on glittery vs. matte finish eye make up. What age should a woman be before she puts down the lip smackers and starts buying sedate, grown up girl stuff? With collagen enhanced wrinkle plumpers.



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