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10:14 a.m. - 2007-09-11
I've currently been sporting the crud now for 12 days. Yes, I'm probably not contagious at this point but I still feel run down and tired and generally bitchy. My throat is still sore (see entry about smoking and how I need to quit) and my chest has that amusing little death rattle if I over-exert myself in any way. Like walking to the mailbox or bending over to paint my toenails. Because by damn, if I'm going to die of this lingering shit, then my pedicure is going to be fresh and shiny with no visible chips.

In other news fronts, the kid's soccer team won their first game. 8 to 2. I actually felt sorry for the other team. They were much, much smaller than our gigantuan players. We've got one boy that should be shaving soon... and you know my kid is almost five feet tall at nine years of age. The kids had fun doing the sport thang and I enjoyed watching. However I could not participate in my favorite sideline activity of yelling my head off every time one of our players did something noteworthy. Like scoring a goal, or flashing their fake id's at the ref.

Work has been new and exciting this fall. We're currently working extra hard to pimp insurance because my boss' second divorce wiped him out. Yes, ex-wives are always a good incentive to be a productive little insurance girl. Next thing you know I'll be bragging about my GIANT raise. (if you've read me for any length of time then I don't have to explain that obvious use of sarcasm)

I did ramp myself up on coffee and red bull to paint horizontal stripes on my living room wall. Pale aqua blue in different widths over the existing chocolate brown. (I'll have you know that my living room has been brown for seven years-because I'm a design leader, not a follower) I took shit from friends and family over my color choice years ago until suddenly chocolate was the pink and everyone was doing it. Fuck you unimaginative design whores. I was FIRST!

Yes, that was bragging. I won't apologize for it. You'd love me too if you saw how sexy gorgeous my living room is. :-)

Well, I think my tired achy ass is going to surf the net until lunch.

Happy Tuesday.
Have you picked out your Halloween costume yet????



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