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4:35 p.m. - 2007-02-22
Random husband brag
I updated the other day, but D-land ate my entry and I was too lazy to rewrite it. Yes, I realize that this sounds a lot like 'my dog ate my homework' but honestly, what I wrote must not've been too scintillating because I can't remember one bit of it.

My bad.

Tomorrow the spouse leaves for Vegas for a week. He'll be partying up, boozing, and playing the slots without me, while I do the single mom thang. I'm cool with that through the weekend, I just don't handle it as well Monday through Friday, 6am to 8am. Mornings are bad enough dragging myself to the coffee pot, without worrying about washing said pot, and then feeding the kid, and making our jumbo bed with the eleventy kajillion pound comforter on it. Damn, I sound lazy. I'm not. I'm just accustom to a certain amount of leisure and solo housework is not conducive to my current lifestyle.

I'm fortunate to have married a man who enjoys a level of cleanliness that somewhat matches mine. AND he's willing to don the rubber gloves (okay, he's manly enough to not worry about uncomfortable, herpes-like skin reactions to tylex) and scrub the toilets. and litter box, and bathtub, and shower, and... you get the picture. He'll clean.

I know a lot of other women with husbands who barely lift their index finger to scratch their own ass, much less fix breakfast for the kid and give a good back rub. I kinda feel pity for those women, in that strange sort of way that beautiful people feel sorry for really troll-like disgusting peeps. (that was very much a joke. i don't fuck with karma like 'dat!)

I didn't mean for this to turn to a Wonderful Man entry. I guess I'm just distracted by the clock. That's currently ticking tooooo slow for my likin.

Have a fabulous Thursday.



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