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3:14 p.m. - 2006-09-29
Vacation Planning
One hour and forty five minutes and I'm out of here for a whole freaking week! (does anyone else pick up on the vibe that i may actually be *excited* about having a little free time?)

Tomorrow: Soccer Games. 2 of them.

Sunday: Beer and grilled meat

Monday: Movies or Museum

Tuesday: Zoo

Wednesday: Martini lunch with the spouse, comic book day and a visit to the book store to stock up on erotica.

Thursday: Painting the Sunroom

Friday: Sleep, beer, more sleep

Saturday: Wing Ding Festival

Sunday: More beer to bemoan going back to work.

I expect to gain at least 3 pounds, even though the spouse and I are back on the Taebo again. (phrased in that manner, Taebo sounds something close to heroin)

In between all the major stuff, I also plan on overdosing on trips to the flea markets, the coffee booth, and music store. And the mall, because I need new fall stuff.

Send some good karma my way!! I need a happy, healthy, wonderful week.

Happy Friday.



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