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10:23 a.m. - 2006-09-27
Vacation: Coming Soon!
Next week I'm taking my last week of vacation time. I will have 9 whole days of work-free, hopefully stress-free fun. I have absolutely nothing planned, other than lots of books, relaxation, beer, and movie watching. I told the rugrat she could skip a day or two of school, so we'll probably take a trip to the zoo, or the children's museum, or theater. Her choice. Honestly, this couldn't come at a better time. I'm tired, run down and just burnt out in general on all things work related. I'm hoping this next week will recharge my batteries.
We do have plans to repaint the sunroom one day, but I'm okay with ONE day of work.
On the fun side of life, I'm going to drag out the Halloween decorations and cover the house and yard in cobwebs and fake blood. The spouse even promised to build me some tombstones for the yard. (the styrofoam ones at wallyworld are about $15 to $20 each, and I can buy plywood and stakes much, much cheaper than that!

Maybe I'll also finally get around to posting some photos, and changing up my D'land template.

Good times, man.
Good times.

Plus, a vacation totally counts as a good excuse for excessive alcohol consumption!

Happy Hump Day



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