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1:14 p.m. - 2006-07-11
and the home improvement project for this month is.....
The house painting nightmare is just beginning.

When we bought our house, five YEARS ago, some idiot had painted all the trim, soffit, and fascia, porch rails etc... dark, dark gray. So dark, that the trim, in fact, looks black in a dim light. You can imagine how beautifully this contrasts against our dark red brick. (sarcasm, recognize!)Yes, I live in the Goth house. But, the house was 2000 square feet with skylights for christfuckingsakes, and in our price range so we told ourselves we can live with some ugly paint until we have time to redo it.

That time is now. We've had a contractor out to repair the woodwork around our sunroom, and I went to Lowe's and bought a couple of quarts if paint to see what color I would like. Both colors purchased look like shit. Not literally, but close enough. One looks like the color of silly putty. (it looked like a warm cream at the paint counter) The other color is a mushroomy taupe that is waaaay too light. Looks almost dirty. Last night I went back to the store and found another color I LOVE, but the store was out of the exterior base for it so... another trip today at another store. I'm gonna test it out tonight. It's called stone taupe. I think. Some shit like that. It might say 'castle' in it too. I can't recall. Either way, it's a beautiful warm, gray-based taupe (not pink-based or yellow-based like so many neutral colors are) I'm gonna do the fascia and porch rails glossy white, garage door and porch area stone taupe or whatever it's called, black glossy shutters, and I'm leaving my door dark, glossy red to match the brick. Yep, it's gonna be just an updated version of the goth house. Just cuter. And with surprisingly MORE GOTH!

I'm thinking I need before and after pix here. Note to self: dust leftover Mexico sand off camera and take photos.

Question of the day: if I'm painting, sanding, and scraping my house all evening... that totally counts as working out, right???



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