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8:40 a.m. - 2006-07-12
sleep overs and car wrecks.
God I'm tired. Coffee cannot seem to be ingested quick enough. My head is screaming, "Caffeine IV STAT!"

We let the rug rat have a friend sleep over last night. Yes, I realize it's Tuesday, but I really like this girl. She's well mannered, polite, and is probably teaching Chloe all about french kissing and smoking a doobie behind my back. The good ones always lie.

Anywhoo... we like the kid, so Bill and I agreed to a sleep over as long as they were in bed by 10. Ten o'clock you say?! Wow! My bedtime at age eight was 8:30. No ifs, ands, or buts. Well, Chloe's friend's parents are divorced and the poor kid has to go to her father's house every, single weekend for the entire summer. No friends over-nothing. As a child of parents who were never married, and lived in different states, I can relate to the kid. It sucks missing summer sleep overs because you have to go hang out with your PARENT (gag!)

Aren't I just the fucking epitome of graciousness and generosity?

To sum this up: 2 girls. In a bedroom next to ours. 1am giggle-fest. I'm a light sleeper.

Damn, it's gonna be a long day.

In other news fronts: I cannot decide if I'm due for some good karma or a fucking idiot. Last Friday, coming back from lunch, me and the gang from the office was rearended by a truck when traffic stopped abruptly. We were all sore and generally feeling yucky. 2 went to the doctor. I went back to work, stayed til 5:00, and just went home and self-medicated. Spent Saturday on the couch and Sunday was fine.

The claims office just called and offered my $500 to settle my claim. Well, I didn't go to the doctor, didn't get 'scripts filled, so I turned it down.

Question of the day:
Am I an idiot, or just practicing good karma? Should I take the $500 to make up for a crappy, wasted weekend???



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