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10:54 a.m. - 2006-05-22
Re re retail therapy
This weekend was a marathon of retail therapy at its finest. In preparation for my upcoming vacation, I braved the stupid ass Sunday drivers to search for summery clothing. It was brought to my attention that the SINGLE pair of khaki, low-rise, cotton shorts from Target will not last me 7 whole days in Mexico. So... I loaded up the kid, the spouse, and my debit card and hit the mall.

Allow me to interject here: Normally, I avoid the mall for several different reasons. 1) The kid usually suffers a melt down after three stores. 2) I normally either cannot find anything I like or I find *everything* I like and spend way too much. and finally 3) I'm trying to squeeze into my sexy new 2 piece bathing suit in a couple of weeks and those over sized molasses and toasted pecan cookies sold at the little mall cookie store is not a good way to do this. Mmm... molasses cookies.....

Anywhoo, I braved all of this only to find one pair of shorts I fell in LOVE with at Old Navy. This would be great if my size 12 booty would fit into the eleventy kajillion size one's they had in all the colors of the rainbow. (who wears size one? let me know. please. I want to beat your ass) But nooo.... they only had ONE pair in my size. So I bought them.

Then this morning I went to old navy dot com and bought three more pair in the other colors.

I have a total tendency to do this. When I find something I love, I will purchase it in several different colors so as to not 'run out' of my favorite things. I have identical fall sweaters in both red and orange. Lovely hip huggers in black and khaki, shoes in both brown and black and now.... shorts in stone, khaki, white, and army green.

Mexico here I come. Singing with that blonde Morgan Whosis woman that used to have a career.

And finally, yes, the child did have her melt down. 3rd store in, she wanted a bra. A freaking BRA! She's 8. I said no, and the kid cried all the way out to the car. I should've just bought her the damned thing and let her learn first hand what it's like to wear an extra article of clothing in 110 degree heat. Bah! I'm lousy at this mothering crap.

I don't know if it was all the shopping or what, but last night I had the most wonderful dream. I was in the mall, right next to Penney's, and where Wicks n Sticks used to be was a.....

Sephora store.

Bom bom bommmmm.

Alas, it was only a dream. Maybe one day....

Happy Monday.

25 days and counting.



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