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1:07 p.m. - 2006-03-01
I haven't had the time (or the privacy) to get on the computer and write something lately. Aren't I neglectful? Shame on me.

Today the sun is shining and temps are gonna get close to 80 degrees. It feels like spring. Yay! I want a 'rebirth' if you could call it that. I want to turn my face up to the sun and drink in all that delicious warmth like a daffodil embracing what gives it life.

I've discovered that I'm becoming more of a summer time person the older I get. I used to love the winter. It was my favorite season. I love boots and sweaters and hot chocolate. Winter in Arkansas, however, is an oxy-moron. Half of the time it's too warm for sweaters and the other half of the time it just rains and is yuck.

But today... it's good.

Last night was Chloe's first soccer practice. Yep, I'm officially becoming a soccer mom. I'm trading in my sporty little convertible for a Volvo. (that was a joke)

sidenote: amazing how Volvo sounds a lot like vulva and only pussy-whipped men or soccer moms drive this car.

Anywhoo... soccer, it was fun for the munchkin so who am I to complain? They learned to dribble the ball, and did passing drills, and then played a really fun game called sharks and minnows. The kids took turns being the 'shark'. Basically the minnows are in a big square dribbling the ball and the shark has to come kick it out of the square. I sooo wanted to be a shark. I would have kicked the shit out of those 6,7, and 8 year olds.

Once again my girl is the tallest on the team. When the coach saw her, he asked, "How old is she?" When we told him Chloe is eight, he was all like "Sweeeeet. She's on my team." Can I help it if I gave birth to the amazing stretch Armstrong?

Groovn-husband is leaving for Las Vegas Friday morning. My sister left for a 5 week Europe tour this morning. I'm staying at home with the child and going to soccer practice. Is is ANY wonder that I'm feeling a little bummed? Totally NO fucking fair. I need some sympathy. And a night out drinking margaritas.

another sidenote: have you ever tried to write an entry when there's something else completely going on and you can't talk about it? Yeah, I have. It just makes me boring as fuck.

You know what I want to do today? I want to stand up at my desk and yell "Fuck all of you bitches! I'm out of here!!!!" I have some savings. I could hold out until I get another job. Realistically, I'm just going to day dream about it.

Happy Hump Day.
Now go get pissed.



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