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11:54 a.m. - 2006-03-03
Single mom thang
Today I successfully managed to get not only the kid, but a neighbor's child as well to school on time. Groovn-husband flew out for Vegas at 4am so I had to get crack-a-lackin. I made the beds, fed the kid, washed the coffee pot, did my own hair, had time to do pig-tails for Chloe, drop off the kids, run by the bank and STILL I made it to work at 7:55 (5 minutes early, thank you very much) yes, I am totally and unashamedly patting myself on the back here but hey, that was a LOT! I don't know how you single moms do it. Fuck this full time shit.

Tonight is more soccer practice. (I can see this getting booo-ring quickly) Then the rest of my weekend is relatively free. I will be playing single mom until next Friday. Do you know what that means? Happy Meals for dinner every night for the next week!

I'll show you how to be Fatty McButterpants in 5 days or less or your money back.

Happy Friday
Go enjoy the sunshine.
And if you don't live in the South, well.. let's just say the weather outside today is proof that I do have a VALID reason for living in the bible belt.



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