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9:22 a.m. - 2005-10-24
an eventful weekend
I guess the bitch in me was out in full swing Friday. Needless to say, I didn't spend my usual Friday night at home. Groovn-husband took me out to dinner and then we did a little shopping. I would feel a little guilty for carping and complaining so much, but that was like, so three days ago mmkay? :-)

I had an eventful weekend. Dinner out, shopping on Friday. Saturday we took the munchkin to an awesomely cool Halloween birthday party. While Chloe was living it up high style at the smoke machine filled, strobe light flashing Ghoul-fest, Bill and I took the opportunity to drive around and look at some houses. We're contemplating putting our house on the market and buying something a little larger. In theory, our current 2000 square feet should be plenty for the three of us, but in reality we've soon outgrown the space. Double closets in the master that were a luxury when we first bought our house are now too small. The formal living room turned pool table room needs to be bigger. My kitchen needs to be about double it's current size. I know I know. The word 'need' is so subjective. I don't really NEED a 400 square foot kitchen with granite countertops and an island stove with copper hood. But that's what I want. I would renovate, but the school district in our area for jr. high and high schools are underfunded and overpopulated. Therefore I know before Chloe starts 6th grade we'll sell regardless. So why spend $30000 on a kitchen remodel in a house you'll be selling in the next three years? See, aren't I financially aware and budgetary conscious and all of that boring shit???

But I did get the kitchen repainted this weekend! Fourth time's a charm, right? This time I picked a pale mossy sage green. It looks great with all the ebony wood and dark red accents. Very warm. I'm not doing photos until Groovn-husband finishes my new painting. We totally ripped of Don Lee Leger style in sage, gold, and red. It should be finished soon. Maybe in a few weeks or so. I absolutely had to PROMISE that this would be the last time I repaint that room until we decide to sell. My kitchen has been white (too boring) Pine green (got tired of that quickly) Pale yellow (loved it, tired of it) and now sage green. I swear the room is getting smaller!! :-)

Next on to the master bathroom, if I can EVER get the rest of that tacky ass wallpaper down!

It's Monday!
Try not to cry.



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