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2:30 p.m. - 2005-10-21
Just Bitching, Really I promise. It's not like this is important to me or anything like that!
It's Friday and this in itself should be sufficient cause for celebration. But alas, I am still plagued by this unsettling bit of melancholy that has been sitting on my shoulder all week. I can't figure out what's wrong. I think a big chunk of it is work-related stress. Hmmm ya think? I'm not excited at all over the impending weekend and that bums me the fuck out.

I know EXACTLY what we'll end up doing. Going to bed tonight around 10:30ish after having 2.5 beers and watching just enough of a movie to make me sleepy. I will have had McDonald's for dinner (Chloe's Friday 'treat') and then maybe washed a few loads of laundry afterward. Bill will play his guitar in his room, Chloe will either play on the computer and watch cartoons. I will either try and wrestle the remote from the kid and spend another evening learning how to Venetian plaster a wall, or search for a book I've only read once or twice and reread, or take a hot bath while listening to angst-filled, bluesy music and mourn the passing of my youth in private. (because the bathroom is the only goddamned bit of privacy I have in our house) I think it is just fucking disgusting that I know exactly what we'll be doing this evening. I think it's fucking disgusting that I'm already bored to tears doing it!!!

I just called Groovn-husband to try and make some type of plans to break out of the monotony that has become our Friday night, and he was too busy to talk. He gave me that shit, "Make some plans and let me know what we're doing." Like I am some kind of Goddamned social planner!!! I'll make some plans! How about I plan on leaving your ass at home while I go get hammered with the girls? Sounds like a great plan to me.

I'm too young to act this old.

Happy Goddamned Friday



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