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10:01 a.m. - 2005-08-19
first fucking day of school
I am just worried sick right now. Today was Chloe's first day of school. Last night was 'meet the teacher' night, which we attended, but somehow missed the announcement that instead of school starting at 8:15, it will now begin at 7:50. So... the chronically early person (me) was 10 minutes late on Chloe's first day of school. I was so freaking angry that I went to the office and bitched those imcompetent bitches out. They told me there was written notice at the end of the school year sent out last year. WEll, last year Chloe's teacher had a baby and we had this extremely dumb bitch substitute teacher that I totally fucking hated. So of course, we got NOTHING last year from the school about it starting 25 minutes early!! Goddamnit, I had to just basically drop Chloe off without giving her tons of kisses and telling her to have a great first day of school. We didn't get to unpack all of her new supplies and put away all of those giant boxes of tissue we bought. I didn't have time to say good morning to the teacher and smooze her up a little. I didn't have time to get extra hugs and kisses and make sure Chloe wasn't feeling the least bit insecure before telling her goodbye. I'm mad. I'm worried about Chloe. and I missed out on those precious few moments before the first day of school when everyone is trying to find their seats and check out who else got that teacher that you knew from last year. I wanted everything to be perfect for my baby and it wasn't. I wanted to be 100% sure that she was perfectly happy and comfortable in her new classroom before I left. Instead I had to interrupt the teacher on the first day of school. She had given Chloe's desk to another student (we found her desk last night during meet the teacher) so my poor baby didn't even have a place to sit. I can't stop worrying about it and this really sucks. I have no one to comfort me because Groovn-husband is still in Goddamned Las Vegas and I have a huge fucking headache and I'm still sick and goddamn mother fucking fuckity fuck shit cock hell!

I just wanted everything perfect for Chloe.



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