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8:40 a.m. - 2005-08-18
coughing up a lung to go to the doctor
Thursday morning.
One week after that last post.

And still it lingers....

I can't get rid of this fucking cold. Luckily it has moved down from my head to my chest, so instead of being able to entertain myself with blowing snot bubbles and playing Quick! find the tissue before the humongoid sneeze goes flying out, I am now able to listen to the soothing sounds of my breath trumpeting in and out of my lungs. Seriously, I sound like the horn section of an orchestra. Small, shallow breaths, Ang. It'll be okay.

I have eschewed going to the doctor because I have a $20 co-pay and I'm nothing if not a cheap bitch. For $20 you can: go to the movies and buy one small popcorn (sneak a drink in your purse) or I could buy a new jar of moisturizer, buy pizza for dinner, or purchase a 30-pack of Miller Lite in the cans. So why waste all that joy going to the doctor, when all she will say is drink lots of fluids, get some rest, and stop fucking smoking for chrissakes! I can ignore those warnings without 'coughing' up the money. (pun totally fucking intended)

I'm just depressed because Groovn-husband is still in Vegas, and I'm home, sick, alone with the child and trying to be a good mommy. Will someone PUHLEEZE come cook my daughter dinner tonight? She hasn't had a vegetable since her daddy left town. Poor child, she's been living off green seedless grapes, Ravioli, and ham and cheese loaf sandwiches. She's in HEAVEN!!!!

In other news fronts, the child starts back to school tomorrow. Hurray for reduced day care prices!! ooh yeah, it's an extra... thirty dollars... per week... I guess I could use that thirty dollars for the doctor's co-pay, but fuck that!! :-)

Well, the boss just came in. I have to get to work.

Peace out peeps



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