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2:27 p.m. - 2005-05-10
Mother's Day booty!!! aaargh
Mother's Day totally ROCKED around the Groovn-home this past weekend! Can I brag a little? Please?!

Saturday morning I got breakfast at the Awful Waffle. I know, this doesn't sound like an auspicious beginning, but I CHOSE to have a big, plate of greasy goodness that is... Waffle House ham and cheese omelets. Mmmm, processed cheese, oversalted ham, and eggs cooked in massive quantities of fat. Makes my heart skip a beat a little. Or that might be my cholesterol levels rising.

** insert giggle here**

Okay, so I grubbed out... morning coffee delivered with JUST the correct amount of my French Vanilla Creamer, lots of hugs and kisses and Happy Mother's Day. Did I mention this was on Saturday? Bill's family always does this big Mother's Day fish fry on Sunday, so I get my day of celebratory appreciation one day early so I can be the absolute center of attention. I don't want to have to share my glory with anyone! I relish having a working womb and a few prescriptions to keep me smiling. I can bake cookies with a beer in one hand, a rolling pin in the other, and my daughter just DIGS the SHIT out of me! :-) Isn't unconditional love, like, awesome!!?

Okay, the gifts: I'm getting to that part!! Chloe Violet gave her top Mom a fuzzy caterpillar she made herself with pipe cleaners, a card, and a new cd (Rob Thomas, I love you, you little sexy boy) Groovn-dad upped the ante a little with a new purse he designed himself (did I mention Groovn-husband is an artist?) It's trimmed in yummy black feathers to bring out the trendy-yet-surprisingly-goth-like-girl in me. Slid inside was a brand spanking new 4.0 mega pixel digital camera with up to 5 minutes of video capability!!! Goddamn! Groovn-husband rocks!!!! My house was like Christmas morning and I was the only one on the good girl list.

Man, I must be one great mother.


More to come....
Must nap for now.



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