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3:27 p.m. - 2005-02-01
I want my tiara back damnit!
I had an epiphany.

Sunday afternoon, still in my pajamas, drinking coffee, I sat in the middle of the living room floor going through photos. Trying to organize the chaos and find a home for all of Chloe's baby photos, Bill old college shit, and my wild and crazy prom 1990 pix and that kind of stuff. Well, I came across this box of various high school memorabilia and it spawned a massive BRAIN FUNCTION! Yes, I had a THOUGHT!

There I sat, surrounded by blue ribbons, and honor cords, and even, yes, even a copy of the speech I had to give as valedictorian and I realized: As adults, we no longer get that round of applause. No kudos to you, no blue ribbons, no positive recognition. When is the last time my husband walked passed me in the kitchen and said, "Damn honey, that is a blue fucking ribbon dinner tonight!" When have I received a voracious round of applause after successfully scooping all the the little pieces of cat poop out of the little box? Even the super tiny ones that fall through the scooper!(super clumping action my ASS!!!) Next time I scrub the toilets, I want a fucking tiara to wear people!! I want to feel special. I want to be number one. I just want someone to occassionally boost my low self-esteem by saying, "Damn Ang, you ROCK!"


Like that's gonna fucking happen.

So most of what I just said was tongue-in-cheek. I don't really, HAVE to have a tiara, or applause, or a blue ribbon. But honestly, think about what you miss out on as a 'grown up'. When is that last time you really felt appreciated? When you honestly, deep down, really, really felt like you did something that was just the SHIT!!

Mine was, oh... about 7 years ago after I pushed a large, healthy, blue-eyed baby girl out of my usedtobesize7 body.

Dude, i'm not class president anymore. No one has voted for me lately.
And that makes me a little sad.



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