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12:52 p.m. - 2004-10-21
100 Things About Me
mmkay, I think I've tried to do this before and it gets really freaking boring so I give up and delete this entry. I'm starting again.

1. My real first name is Angie
2. I was named from a Rolling Stones song. (which one? duh-"Angie"!)
3. My sister, Jade, was named after Mick Jagger's daughter.
4. I am 30. fuck!
5. I have been married 8 years.
6. My husband is fucking awesome!
7. My husband also has a WONDERFUL ass. (are you getting jealous yet?)
8. I do not have a wonderful ass.
9. I have one daughter, named Chloe. But damnit I named her that before it became such a hugely popular name because I'm ahead of the curve and a trendsetter not a follower for chrisfuckingsakes already!
10. I sometimes lose my thread of thought.
11. But I don't really care.
12. I like to curse.
13. I particularly find it amusing to blaspheme during religious debates.
14. Noone I know shares my humor on the number 13 thing. Come on guys! Unclench already!!!!!
15. My favorite color is red.
16. My hair is red.
17. I have blue eyes.
18. I also have a short temper.
19. My mother committed suicide when I was pregnant with Chloe.
20. I no longer freak out about my mother's death.
21. My daddy was a big, alcoholic, freaky fag.
22. My sister is a lesbian.
23. I don't swing that way.
24. I am not judgemental.
(except about my dad-he was an SOB!)
25. Twenty five is all I can do right now.



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