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3:38 p.m. - 2004-08-03

I've been trying to add an entry for days and days and keep getting that piece of shit "server busy" crap. Now I've forgotten what I was gonna say and I'm sure it would've been fucking BRILLIANT! If only I wasn't too cheap to just pay the $2.50.... oh well, maybe later.

I found out things that happened at the lake, don't always stay at the lake. I found out that sometimes things that happened at the lake are not something I recalled, but others do. And others will gossip. In less cryptic format:my entire office has seen my breasts. Again. Damn it all to hell! I SWORE I wasn't gonna get nakey this year. I SWORE I was gonna act respectable. But, it's just not in me. I must continually do things that I later use to mentally castigate myself with. It's just my nature. Why fight it?

In other fronts, life is pretty good right now. No big ordeals, nothing dramatic. Nothing really interesting either. OOh, yeah, I almost forgot.... I cut all my nails off today. I've amputated part of my womanhood! Now in addition to the short hair, I also have boy fingernails.

(Goddamned slow ass server! I really could've had an entry that ROCKED a few days ago)

Now where was I....

Oh yeah, amputating my womanhood. So I basically do things to make me as ugly as possible due to some deep seated hatred of myself. I make myself ugly to pay the pennance for the crimes of my youth. Rip out that hair, cut off those nails, and for God's fucking sake don't ever, EVER shampoo, rinse and REPEAT!!!!!

I won't really delve any deeper into that vein. It's something that's been rolling around mentally and I haven't quite come up with the words to adequately explain precisely what I mean. It's something that must be precise as well. Not tongue in cheek.

How do other people here at DL post daily but still make their lives seem somewhat interesting? Something to ponder...



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