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3:30 p.m. - 2004-04-19
Mondays suck



When you're watching the clock.

Monday afternoon, 3:30ish and I swear I've thumped the damned clock atleast three times in the past fifteen minutes to see if it's working. This is the clock on my COMPUTER for chrissakes. I'm a little unconcerned today. I've had two different customers ask me if I REALLY thought I could help them. The last woman was definitely ooozing some bitch-like tendencies so.. I said, "No, I can't" and sent her to someone else's office. If I wasn't all hopped up on allergy and sinus meds, I probably would've gotten all upity with her. That little scenario would go something like this.

bitch: "Are you SURE you can help me?"

me: "Yeah you f**kin snotty ass A&F wearing suburban driving soccer mom. I've done this shitty little insurance job for 9 plus years now and if I can dredge up an ounce of concern for your trivial ass questions I'll try and give you an answer that basically doesn't end in 'go fuck yourself'

Yeah! I meant that shit too.

In other depressing news today... my face has suddenly decided that the tectonic plates in my cheek and chin are rubbing together. Thus generating a mountain range of acne the size of um,hell,oohh... some big mountain range! I have a zit (goddamnit I hate that word it brings to mind things that are white runny infected) anyfuckinway I have this zit on my chin that if it gets any bigger, I'm gonna get a sharpie and draw little presidents' faces on it and charge admission! It will be the next national monument.

Now, if ANYONE has actually been reading my diary, then yall know that I turned 30 a few months ago. SO will someone please tell me when do I obtain acne immunity? Enough is enough already. If I have to start getting fine lines and wrinkles, can't I atleast have no pms acne too? I'm willing to trade for that. Have I mentioned that the clock hasn't moved since I started typing?

I'm ready to go home, lay up on the couch, and try to watch tv peeping through my mountain range. The Swan comes on tonight. Like I need something to make me feel a little uglier.

OOOH on the bright side, I went shopping this weekend and bought lots and lots of cute stuff! AND the best part is this one pair of BEAUTIFULLY soft chocolate low rise, flare leg pants rang up $0, so the manager gave them to me for $7.50. I don't know why $7.50, but that was about $35 less than what they were supposed to be so I said HELL YEAH where do I pay? Got anymore?

ummm retail therapy.



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