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4:03 p.m. - 2004-02-05
I've has always had a liberal slant in regards to my political view point. Okay, EXTREMELY liberal at times. I'm of the mindset that we don't need no stinkin big brother to tell us what to do and when to do it! Yeah! Smoke weed if you want to! If crystal meth was legal, America wouldn't be fat! Have sex if you want to! Live however you want to live as long as you don't expect the government to pay your way in life! (can I get a fucking amen?) Don't pay your taxes... um, well, pay your taxes. I have a daughter in public school, we need your tax dollars!

Anyways, listening to good ol' George W's recent bullshit speeches about "protecting the sanctity of marriage" has really pissed me off. I mean, who the hell is he to determine what sanctifies a union between two people? Does he even understand what he's saying, or has it all been spoonfed to him by campaign managers and part of his damned cabinet? That man has a speechwriter that's literate, but you can tell he ain't quite smart enough to write all them big words himself.

BUT...when I heard about Massachusetts passing the law to legalize same sex marriages, it bothered me. I really starting pondering the matter. Wondering why the hell this flashed a little negative light on in the brain? I mean, I'm liberal. Do your own thing as long as it doesn't hurt me or mine. Lots of my friends or family or parental units are either gay or bi, so what the hell? Then I started drawing parallels between America and the whole fall of the Roman empire thing and thinking, okay, is this where we stop and finally draw the line? How deep are we going to expand into personal freedoms? Next month will I be able to have two husbands? How will this ultimately affect the strength of our nation?

LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT! I AM NOT implying that allowing two women or two men get married is going to initiate the fall of our nation. I'm just wondering how far are we going to go before we fall into a total fucking moral cesspool? I'm not religious, I don't particularly believe in god or the presence of a supreme being. As I've already said, I'm not anti-gay. This ain't about who you love, who you hate, or where you get your booty!!! I'm just trying to find a reason for myself personally. Wondering why I had such a negative gut reaction to the Masschusett ruling.


Am I a closet conservative? Nah, not really, my best friend is leaving me for another woman and I'm jealous as hell!

I honestly think I've been on to much. There's just so much negativity out there. Our economy sucks, there are no jobs. Everybody is looking for a handout. We're bogged down in the shitty ass war in Iraq (don't even get me started there!) and all the money is slowly draining out of our country and going to rebuild a terrorist nation that will ultimately use the resources we've given them to bomb the shit out of us. Okay, okay wrong tangent.... I just want to know where will we end it? Man, if you've got a clue, share it with me. Oh and one more thing.. if you really want to protect the fucking sanctity of marriage, why not just make it a little harder to get in and out of one? I'm done for now, I promise!



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