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3:00 p.m. - 2004-01-30
nuttin' much
Well, hell. I've become a diary voyeur. I can't post my own thoughts because I'm too busy reading someone else's. That's okay right? I can live vicariously through other diaries. God that's disgusting. I don't have enough of a life to write about.

Let's see.. last night I gave my daughter a bath. That's something new for me 'cause usually the hubby does it. (yep I work him like a little bitch) It's just better that he do it. Otherwise, I spend the rest of the night bitching profusely about all the bath water dripping from the walls. I watched a totally inane show on hgtv about people buying a house called "House Hunters" These really badly dressed people try and shop for a house in front of a camera all the while trying to sound annoyingly intelligent about house construction. To the point of being pretentious. They're all like "ooh honey, this 40 foot by 80 foot living room is just wwaaayy too small. But looks at the wainscoting (mispronounced, of course) in the dining room. Last night a couple of middle aged idiots kept raving about this one house because it had a solarium. I kept yelling at the t.v. "sunroom bitch! it's called a sunroom!" God why do I watch this crap??? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHY?



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