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10:14 a.m. - 2007-12-05
Ho Ho Ho!
I love Christmas. I love the promise it holds that all man(andwoman)kind can transcend the day to day bullshit and be better than they really are. I love the spirit of giving, and I love spending months prior to the big day searching for a perfect gift to give that the giftee will LOVE! I love the Christmas carols and the smell of evergreens and cookies baking. I love the Jesus story and how even though i'm an atheist it's still a touching story. Dusting off decorations and adorning every room in the house with red velvet bows, greenery, and snowmen. I love knowing that after that ONE party, I won't have to see those freaky ass cousins for another 364 days. I love shiny, pretty wrapping paper and fuzzy Santa hats. I love the excitement on the kid's face on Christmas morning that is one part happiness to nine parts greed. (i'm working on that, trust) I love the excuse to wear red sparkly skirts with white fuzzy sweaters at the Same Time and nobody asks me "where my ho's at?" I love the intrigue involved in hiding the kid and Groovn-husbands gifts before I find just the right box to wrap them in so they have no freaking Clue as to what's really in there. (200 pound box full of grout mix is really hiding one, white Microsoft Zune) It's fun! Yeah, it's busy and stressful and you spend too much money, but dude... you get presents! and nog!

And did I mention presents?

This year the kid will be 10 and it's been the most difficult so far. Her belief in Santa has dimmed slightly and I'm looking for something to extend that innocence for a little while longer. Playground gossip vs. Mom's insistence that you won't get a gift if you don't BELIEVE. Wish me luck with that one.

SO, what did you wish for this year?



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