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9:05 a.m. - 2007-12-03
A weekend of estrogen
The concert was absolutely fabulous. Although I tried desperately to get the girls to let me sell the tickets and take them to the mall instead, I had no takers.

I found out that the oldest Jonas brother's name is Joe. He's such a little cutie pie! I think I have my first thirty-something year old crush.

Also little Miley Cyrus really puts on a great show.

I think the rugrat had fun. We normally drop two to three hundred on a big party for all of her friends. This is the first year that we dropped two to three hundred on her and two other girls. :-) We bought tshirts and a memory book, cotton candy, popcorn, snowcones. Then after the show we went to Chili's (so we could feed the kids and Mommy could slurp down a post-concert margarita while simultanously trying to regain my hearing) After that it was home to balloons and streamers and a big birthday chocolate chip cookie and ice cream. Slumber party until 2am when the girls popped a balloon and I made Bill get up and tell them to go the hell to sleep already!! :-) Only he said it totally nice, in a non-threatening disgruntled father kinda way.

Sunday was full of nog and naps and sleep recuperation for the family. It was good.

On the funny side, I skipped my period this month. It's odd, because I'm on birth control and always start at 9pm Tuesday night after I start with the placebo's. So... this morning on the way to work I stopped off and bought a pregnancy test just to make SURE. My hormones are crazy lately so I was sure it was just quitting smoking, hormones, and my current level of inactivity. (ie: laziness)

I got to the office, took the test, and BAM! It said I was pregnant immediately. I sat down, put my head between my legs and started to hyperventilate. Breathe Ang, breathe!!!!! Until I noticed I read the damned test wrong and I wasn't pregnant after all. Am I fucking stupid or what? Seems like the new test doesn't just show a little line, it had to be a plus sign. So, thank goddess the eggs are not fertilized!

Sidenote: I have had some major baby fever lately, but my little sister is pregnant and that's all the diapering my hormones require. My baby is almost 10 years old and it would be just my luck to have a second, high-maintenance little girl to raise. Of course, now that I type this I think it wouldn't be all bad. Being the Mom Rocks!



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