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1:02 p.m. - 2007-11-30
Guess who's back? Back again?
Man, I apologize sincerely for the overbearing sound of crickets here.....


chirp chirp


...but I have been so unfreaking believably lazy that it's not funny. I'm still taking Chantix and still smoke free. (although there was one close call after a large beer and some nachos at Chili's) but it makes me dream crazy things all night so I feel I must sleep all day instead.

My vacation week was fabulous. We marked the days by where I took my afternoon nap. "Oh, yesterday was Tuesday! Mom took her nap on the couch." Life was good.

Thanksgiving four day weekend was great as well. The family actually all helped clean up before heading off to the other side of the family this year, so I didn't get stuck with eleventy kajillion dishes. I'm the only in-law in Bill's family that doesn't have a second place to be on the holidays. Damned deceased parents. I KNEW they'd be gone just when I found a good use for them.


Now I'm back at the office and completely happy to say that I only have ONE Christmas gift left to purchase and all that feverish, frenzied holiday shit will be over. All I will have left to do is enjoy the Nog and cookies. And post-holiday naps.

My darling child is turning 10 on December 9th and in celebration of her decade milestone birthday, tomorrow night I am taking her and two other little girls to see Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers in concert. Row 19, baby. Me and three screaming, pre-hormonal girls. Luckily we got six tickets and a friend and her daughter are coming too. Otherwise I'm pretty sure I would be arrested for public intoxication and endangering the welfare of a minor (or three) for walking around Little Rock with a vat of wine in my hand. Trying to get the ringing out of my ears.

I jest. Really I think the rugrat will have a blast and Groovn-husband was given permission not to attend so we could take the third girl. He's still doing chauffeur duty because I can't handle crowds and lines AND traffic!!!

But, that little Jonah boy with the flat ironed hair?? He's freaking hot. And he just turned 20! He's legal! Score!

Wish me luck with all the peeps tomorrow evening!



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