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8:48 a.m. - 2007-10-01
i promise this will not be a stop smoking blog forever!!!!
Today is day four of my stop smoking quest. Today is the day my Chantix dose goes from one pill per day to two. This morning when I finally broke down and had a cigarette, I honestly didn't feel the effects as much. Notice I didn't say I felt NOTHING, but that morning rush was slightly diminished. I'm doing okay so far. I'm only smoking five to six per day, and this Friday is my day to quit. (right in the middle of pms and a weekend long soccer tournament) But I have my old pal Zoloft to get me through. Not to mention the fabulous spouse and Nazi-esque child to keep me on my toes. (those baleful, accusing looks the child give me through the patio doors when I sneak out to smoke is a little bit of a deterrent as well) Stupid conscience. Doh!

Keep sending happy thoughts my way. I promise as soon as this goal stops consuming my every thought, I'll write about something more interesting. Like the fact that the kid 'headed' her first ball on Friday night's soccer game. To those of you lucky enough to avoid the soccer frenzy, headed means to literally use you freaking HEAD to stop the ball. I screamed like a crazy ass soccer mom. How appropriate.

Also, on Saturday's game the kid Scored. A. Goal. This is a big deal when your child is primarily a defensive player. But she bent it like Beckham and all that other trite shit. The best part??? Like Evah??!! Was see a grown man jump around and dance on the sidelines for his baby girl. Groovn-spouse is such a geek like 'dat. It's why I love him.

Okay, time to get back to work.

Keep sending me those happy thoughts! I think I've finally managed to get that disgustingly determined mindset wrapped around the concept of being smoke free. I KNOW if I can just dig in with the stubborness, the rest will be a freaking cake walk.



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