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10:25 a.m. - 2007-09-25
Quick catch up
I think I've logged on here about eleventy kajillion times and clicked 'add an entry' only to sit and stare blankly at that little white square until I exit. To go read Cardiogirl or SpecialK or It's not that my life is currently uneventful, it's that I have too much to say and not enough time to weed through all those tangled lines of thought to put them down.

Let's start out with a biggie. I'm trying to quit smoking. My doc prescribed Chantix and I've had that damned prescription laying on my desk for two weeks now. I need to go get it filled, but the thought of spending $120 per month to do something I (stubbornly) believe I can do on my own is a little galling. Specially when I realize I CAN'T do it on my own, otherwise I wouldn't be a smoker. That said, I have been practicing impatience with the whole act of smoking in general. I've been making my body wait until it's Screaming for nicotine before I gather up my stuff and head outside for a butt.

(that sounds as nasty as it looks, and smells)

I suck butts. giggle. giggle.

Also, the kid ran for, and was elected to, student council treasurer. Quite a coup for a 4th grader. She gave a speech in front of all 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes. The spouse and kid painstakingly made fan-fucking-tabulous posters to display the kid's awesomeness around school. I'm proud of my girl. Proud as hell that we've managed to create a little personality with so much confidence. (knocks wood profusely!!)

Soccer season is in full swing as well. So that means Tuesday and Thursday night practices, team mom responsibilities, and weekend games to look forward to. It's all been really fun, and the extra activities help me not to have a cigarette. I'm SOOO not the cheefin it up mom around the kids.

Groovn-spouse is currently test driving a motorcycle. An electric blue crotch rocket. Yeah, I know. Can we skip the whole 'boys and their toys' discussion? He wants a bike and I'm tired of spending my daughter's college fund at the gas station. So, in theory it sounds like a good idea. We'll see how much of that gas money gets blown on must-have motorcycle accessories. I KNOW my man, and he loves to shop. It's pretty scary when I have to be the financial voice of reason in the relationship. (Oh she who has earned more amazon gift card points than Any Other Person, like evah!) On the bright side, I'm getting pretty close to being finished with my Christmas shopping.

Don't be a hater. It's part of my obsessiveness. I MUST shop early. Otherwise I start to turn into a wild-eyed insomniac the day after Halloween.

FINALLY, the Halloween decorations have all been lovingly dusted off and installed. My front yard is full of tombstones and skeletons and corpse-like zombies crawling out of the ground. The reaper is hung by the front door with care, and every available surface is draped evah so spookily with spiderwebs. I PROMISE to post photos of my ghoulishly fabulous Halloween goodness. The only thing I haven't done yet is purchase Halloween candy. (cross reference: stopping smoking and weight gain) Mini-snickers, thou art my nemesis!

I guess that gets me caught up for a bit. I promise not to be so negligent in the future. Next time I'll even add some bitching about my little sis flying to St. Kitts to get married. I don't get to go too. :-( Although it would be a little rude to bust up on their honeymoon.

And noone has ever had the opportunity to call ME rude. :-)

Happy Tuesday, ghoul-friends.

What are you going to be for Halloween???



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