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10:10 a.m. - 2007-08-16
Hating the world
Soccer practice Tuesday sucked. It was about 107 degrees on the field. The kid drank too much water and got stomach cramps and we have practice again tonight. Whoo whee.

The spouse is still in Vegas. He called a few minutes ago to let me know he's sick so we're cancelling our plans to go to the lake this weekend. Fuck.

I'm currently working and that sucks too.

Everyone at the office has called in or left early or took vacation time but me. I've been the only person here all fucking week long 8-5 and I still have tomorrow to go. FOUR of the six people I work with are taking some or all of tomorrow off. I'm mad about it too. I want tomorrow off. I also want to go to the lake and drink beer and swim and play on the boat. I want to eat filet mignon and drink red wine with the chocolate brownies I was gonna make. I want to lie in the sun and ignore housework and child alike.

AND the blinds that Lowe's told me were going to be in for pick up Wednesday didn't come in. SO now I can either not finish the sunroom as a surprise for Bill when he gets home or I can drive to another store (not very conveniently located) on my LUNCH HOUR to pick up some in stock.

I'm really fucking unhappy about the way the cards are falling today.

Happy fucking Thursday.



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