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1:11 p.m. - 2007-08-14
Getting caught on on Groovn-news
The house has been pretty empty these past five days without the spouse around for me to ignore. What is it about him just sitting on the other end of the couch (the GOOD end, with the chaise, while I get the regular end) channel surfing while I read my book and totally pretend I'm getting some 'alone' time? I mean, I read last night but there was no one for me to superciliously raise one eyebrow and hold up my index finger to indicate I'm at A REALLY GOOD PART in my book so shut the fuck up for ONE more minute about what funny little anecdote Superman said to Wonder Woman on the newest Justice League episode. You're THIRTY FIVE years OLD for chrisfuckingsakes and you Tivo CARTOONS so cut me some slack and let me finish this chapter before I have to pretend to find whatever the hell the cartoon man made a joke about amusing. (I'm thinking I'm secretly a little upset that the spouse is in Vegas and I'm home)

So yeah, spewing vitriol aside, I miss him. And not just because ignoring the kid just doesn't work in the same manner. I can raise eyebrows until I develop an eye tic and she Just. Doesn't. Care. that mom's reading right now, go play dear.

On the bright shiny positive side, the extent of my cooking has been boiling 2 eggs last night for tuna fish (why do people say tuna fish? Isn't that just a little redundant? I mean, tuna IS fish.) Anywhoo (goddamn I'm scatterbrained today! sorry for the excessive amounts of parenthesis) Where was I? Oh boiling eggs for tuna and I baked some cinnamon rolls over the weekend. NOT homemade-Pillsbury. Because I love me some little giggling Pillsbury doughboy.

Okay, once again I have 'discovered' something about a year or four later than the rest of the world. I finally managed to watch Tristan and Isolde over the weekend and I have to tell you, that guy from Spiderman who plays Tristan?? He's SO freaking HOT in that movie. But not in Spiderman. He's too geeked out in that one. I seem to find myself more than marginally attracted to movie characters that are done in another time. Captain Jack, Legolas, Tristan, Aragorn. The only one of those four actors that I actually drool over in real life is Johnny Depp and I've loved him since his uber-hair-gelled 21 Jumpstreet days. What is it about long, unkempt hair and grungy pants with those leather tie-things and boots that make me hot? Not to mention archers with elf ears? I must be a closet freak!

Today I recieved some FABULOUS news!!! My sister, the one who SWEARS never to have children is pregnant. So, I get to indulge my recent bout of baby fever without actually having to pay college tuition. Damn! I'm so excited that while dear sis was pissing and moaning about morning sickness and worrying about child birth, I was jumping up and down clapping my hands with glee. Hooray for babies that don't come from my own womb!

Speaking of babies, mine is starting soccer practice tonight. It's currently 107 degrees outside and the soccer fields don't have a lick of shade anywhere to be found. I'm so screwed because the spouse isn't home and I can't pawn this practice off on him. Plus my poor baby girl is going to be sweaty and bitchy and grubby when it's all over. Hell. I'll have to listen to her high maintenance self piss and moan. Maybe I should send her to my sister's instead. Give them each a dose of things to come....

I'll let you know if that works out for me.



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