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2:32 p.m. - 2007-07-31
Eleven years of bliss
Well, I completed the final installment of the Harry Potter series just in time for a three day romantic weekend a deux in Eureka Springs (a historic, artsy town with lots of touristy stuff to do). The spouse, every SINGLE year, is out of town for our August 12th wedding anniversary. However, he is quite the romantic so we work something out a couple of weeks before he leaves. That way the stress of packing and preparing for 9 days in Vegas doesn't intrude on our 'grown up time' and he gets to spend that final week before leaving with me AND the kid. (he's such a good husbandfatheremployeeman) And I don't beat him DOWN for going to play the slots while I do the single mom thang.

This year he surprised me with the honeymoon hot tub room complete with champagne, chocolates, and little pink foils hearts strewn artistically about. Romantic dinners, bubble baths, walking in the rain and porn. Yes, I said porn. That man packed more sex paraphanalia in his luggage than the local adult superstore. He's such a freak. It's one of the many, many reasons I adore him.

Me, being a Capricorn thus NOT a romantic smoochy lovey kinda gal, busted out with an actual gift for the man this year: a titanium and gold wedding band with a little diamond. It was even engraved on the inside and shit. I felt so girly and huggy kissy that I packed a SKIRT to wear one evening. (and sported that bitch with beat up Old Navy flip flops because that's how I roll)

So I think I done good this year. I proved my love in the most mercenary of ways: sex for presents.

Oh, and did I mention we were in Eureka during the Hell's Angel's convention? Aaah, sweet sweet lovemaking to the roar of eleventy kajillion motorcycles racing past our hotel. There was even a stabbing when a rival gang busted up to protect their territory.

Love. True Love.



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